Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zoe Updates

The original thread was getting a little unwieldy, so I broke the updates into their own post.

Guys, we made it! I received the last $20 this afternoon...Zoe's bills are 100% paid! Through everyone's generous contributions, we raised $1653.46 to cover Zoe's surgery costs!!!!

Prize winners will be posted tomorrow morning!

2/18/09 - I finally got to see Zoe in person over the weekend and she seems totally back to normal. She was chasing the other dogs around, begging for food, and humping, just like always.

I am going to do the drawings on Saturday.

2/13/2009 - Zoe is doing great! Better than great, if that's possible! She got her stitches out this week. The only lingering effects of her predicament seem to be her shaved belly, and the get-out-of-jail-free pass that she gets on baths until her incision is completely healed.

**2/6/09 - DAY SEVEN!!!***
Zoe is doing absolutely great. She is back to pooping, throwing tantrums, and stalking Boomer's birdfeeder. We've relaxed a little bit, and are now aiming for a complete recovery. Thanks to everyone who has donated funds, as well as those who have checks on the way. I will probably hold the prize drawings at the end of next week.

**2/3/09 - Evening**
Zoe saw the vet and had an x-ray, and everything is still where it should be. Poop's coming. :)

**2/3/09 - Afternoon update**
Boomer sent me a better chicken photo! Poor Zoe is not used to having a naked belly. She is going into the vet this evening - no pooping since Monday morning and a small mass on her belly. Hope everything is ok!

Here is a picture of Zoe in her "nest." When I first looked at this photo, I didn't realize that the big white patch on her side is actually her poor naked belly! Zoe has a naked chicken! Boomer stayed home all day Monday taking care of Zoe and keeping her company. She's eating chicken like crazy, brown rice when she has to, and no green beans at all. Bodily functions are operating normally at this point.

**2/2/09 - Last night's update**
Zoe is at home, and Boomer has set up a nice, soft, fluffy space for her in the living room. She is contained in an ex-pen, to keep her from wandering. When Boomer called last night, she told me that Zoe was laid out on her back, in the dog bed, in front of the space heater. Boom cooked up a nice meal of boiled chicken, brown rice and green beans. Zoe gobbled down the chicken, so Boomer tried her luck with a green bean. Girl looked at the bean, looked at Boomer, and GLARED, as if to say "Mom, I've been through a lot. I don't have to eat my vegetables!"

**2/1/09 - PM Update**
Boomer is on her way to the hospital to pick up Zoe!! She will have to lay low, and there's still a great deal of concern for complications. The vet techs told Boomer that Zoe is PISSED, and ready to be back with her family. Other than that, she seems to be in pretty good spirits. Boomer posted a more in-depth overview of the illness over on her blog. I have also added a new prize opportunity down below...

**2/1/2009 - AM Update**
I spoke with Boomer this morning to see how Zoe was feeling. Zoe is still at the animal hospital for care and observation. She has eaten two small meals (meatballs, I hear!) and kept everything down, so far. As the food digests, it will be a test to see how her reconstructed intestines handle things. Dr. Britt indicated that the first 7 days post-surgery are the most critical. Girl is not out of the danger zone yet, but everything that goes according to plan is a step in the right direction.

Boomer also wanted me to let everyone know that she (and I!) really appreciate everyone's concern as well as your generous donations.



Melinda & PeiPei said...

I am so glad to hear she is doing better. The photo of her laying on her back and showing her little naked belly is so cute.

Anonymous said...

I want a Zoe update! At least tell me everything is still OK!

Do you know if you are going to reach $1600? I can send a little more. I am one of the fortunate ones whose job is not at risk.