Sunday, April 8, 2007

It was a Craft-Tastic Saturday

So yesterday my Auntie and I got up pretty early and drove to Paducah, Kentucky. We decided several weeks ago that we had an urgency to shop at Hancock's of Paducah, but we didn't want to deal with the crowds that flock there during the AQS Show. We arrived at 10:25 and emerged three hours later, bags in hand. My favorite part of Hancock's is the bold ends table, where all the $8.00/yard and above fabric remnants sell for $4.95/yard. I got some really wonderful things for my stash.

Bobbi, my BFF, called me a few weeks ago after reading my blog and was all like "when are you going to make *me* a quilt?"

Well, I saw some fabric this weekend that inspired me to start on a creation for Bobbi. Hold on, woman, it's coming!