Wednesday, May 21, 2008


They closed my favorite thrift shop when I wasn't looking. That's the second one in a year. I got off work early on Wednesday and decided to swing by after dropping off our rental SCUBA gear (#11...done!). I pulled up and noticed that there wasn't anything set up outside. A quick glance through the windows revealed bare shelves. Not only did I always find good stuff at this store, but the employees were real class acts. I could regale y'all with many stories of times I argued with the full-time checker over what category an item belonged to, but that would pretty much make me sound like some crazy lady who shops at thrift stores for deals.

Oh, wait...

Anyway, after that disappointment, I went over to the St. Louis Bread Co. only to discover that they had - that very day - discontinued my favorite sandwich. No more portabella and mozzarella panini. Might as well end it now before things get much worse, eh?

The co-workers and I went to lunch today at a total dive called something like "Taste of Chicago." Basically all kinds of street food. I had a gyro, which was actually pretty good. The co-workers' food was terrible and the fries were undercooked. The meals were relatively expensive for what they were. The best part? The manager and his employee nearly came to blows while we were eating. They were having a major conflict about how to run the cash register. Never again, eh?