Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long time, no post

It's been long enough between posts that even my husband commented on it. What can I say? Between moving, working, and real life, I haven't been doing much crafting. My Auntie and I have been working on a quilt which won't be ready to reveal until probably the end of July.

Meanwhile, I've rediscovered my thrift store roots and am turning into somewhat of a junkie. I went to the thrift to look for materials for Boomer's dogs' bridesmaid dresses. Between Thrift Plus and the Hancock Fabrics next door, I've probably spend around $10 and have enough red satin and tulle for 6-7 dresses!

After finding all that, I took what was meant to be a "quick look" around the perimeter of the store. In housewares, I found loads of vintage Tupperware containers. I'm kind of a container junkie as I try to bring my lunch to work every day. You can never have too many! I also allowed myself to look at other kitchen items, since our new kitchen is twice as large as in our last place (with twice as much storage!) I couldn't pass up this vintage bright yellow ice bucket. This morning, I replaced the handle with one from the (ill fated) hutch refinishing project, and now I have a totally cool, mod ice bucket!

I decided just to peek in the back where they keep the furniture. There were lots of things that looked like overstock from the furniture place next door, all priced at $200-$300. Um, no?

Then, out of the corner of my eye, stacked on top of some old school desks, I spotted a vintage, Eames lookalike fiberglass side chair. It was a bit grungy looking and definitely has seen some use, but still! I ran (well, walked quickly) to the front of the store and grabbed a cart. After inspecting the chair to make sure it was still intact (perfect, but a little rust underneath) I plopped it into my cart. There wasn't a price on the chair, so I brought it up to the cashier to ask. "Go back to those double doors and yell for D," she said, "he's the furniture guy."

Now, I'd like to point out that tracking down strangers in the back room of the thrift store to ask a price is a total phobia of mine. These people are usually so annoyed to have to deal with the public, and they get crabby. I always cringe to think of what a pretentious dork the thrift store people probably see in me...

Anyway, I push my cart to the back of the store, and luckily the furniture guy was already out on the floor. He had his area set up with reggae on one of the stereos and incense burning. The guy had braids down to his shoulders. Slightly intimidating, ok. So I walk up, and I'm like..."um, this chair? Doesn't have a price on it? And I was just wondering...."

D looks at me, looks at the chair, looks back at me, fishes his grease pencil out of his apron and, without saying a word, writes the price on the chair:

I took my chair home and cleaned it up, first thing. It is currently out on the patio. I'm not sure if that's where it will stay, or if I want to move it indoors.
Does anybody have any information on the provenance of this type of chair? I know that there were several furniture companies that cranked out Eames lookalike fiberglass pieces in the 60s. I'm interested to find out where this one actually came from. There are no markings on the back or bottom at all.

And here's a gratuitous wiener pic!